Cityhotel | Dinner card
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Dinner card


  • Eel
    with herbs, salad, radish, olive oil
  • Caesar
    with little gem, chicken, bacon, cheese, egg, crouton, anchovis
  • Carpaccio
    with beef, parmesan, pesto, rucola, supplement: Goose liver & mushrooms €5,00
  • Smoked Salmon
    with graved lachs, blini's, salmon caviar, dill, creme fraiche
  • Mushroom soup
    with cream, thym, truffle crouton: Vegetarian
  • Dutch Shrimps
    with whiskey sauce, croquette of dutch shrimps
  • Soup Viva La France
    with cumin, black pepper, cheese crouton: Vegetarian

Main Course

  • Fish & Risotto
    with salmon, cod, prawns, risotto, ginger, red pepper, spinach
  • Pasta
    changing dish: Vegetarian
  • Ossobucco
    with shank of veal, celeriac, carrot, tomato, herbs, risotto or pasta
  • Tournedos
    175 grams, with beans, bacon, onion, truffle sauce
  • Rack of Lamb
    with bbq, herb salt, carrots, black garlic gravy
  • Rumpsteak on Stone
    200 grams, herb butter, truffle butter, black pepper sauce, baked potato, creme fraiche, vegetables


  • Cheese
    5 types, compote of figs, hazelnut bread
  • Belgian Chocolate
    with white, milk, pure chocolat, apricot, ice cream of espresso
  • Chocolate Fudge
    cake, USA, salted caramel ice cream
  • Pineapple
    with spices, coffee, vanilla, star anice, vanilla ice cream
  • Sweets
    macaron cookie, chocolates, egg nog